Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We have set our goals!

Science Time

Go Knights!

The library looks complete now with my new UCF flag hanging above it.  Thank you to Jennifer for getting this for me and thanks to my husband who came by and put it up for me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pictures of the classroom

       Welcome Back to School!

                 AR Bulletin Board

       Library Card Pouches and Knight Club Topics

  Each month we will set a class goal and whoever makes that goal will get their name on a soccer ball.

This is the common board configuration (CBC) that will list daily objectives and essential questions.  Along the bottom is vocabulary for the units we are studying.

Also part of the CBC, this is where daily homework is written and I will write down classwork as assigned that day in class.

 BINGO.....this is where students can fill in a square for good behavior and/or completed homework and on Fridays I will pull out names and they can earn candy and sometimes even homework passes.
         Class Library

             Question/Concept Board

     One of my students, Jake, gave this to me for the classroom.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week

We survived our first week of 5th grade. This is going to be a fun group and I don't think there will be any trouble in keeping each other laughing. I used to use this blogspot for my students to report on each day as to what was done in the class for that day, became a restricted site at school and we could no longer access it from school. If it becomes available, I will continue to let the kids do their own blogging about our days.

The first week was much about rules, procedures, putting binders together, learning how to take notes, etc. We did get to complete our first science lab on properties of matter. The kids learned the difference between weight, mass, and volume. They also learned some similarities and differences between different properties of matter.